• Glossary of Pearl Terms Q

    Here is a list of pearl terms that might help you better understand this site and the discussions within the community forum. It is compiled from multiple sources and we believe it to be one of the most comprehensive lists available.

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    quahog: Saltwater bivalve mollusk (Mercenaria mercenaria) also known as the cherrystone clam.

    quahog pearl: Small, often violet natural pearl with a porcelaneous surface produced by the quahog mollusk.

    Quality Assurance Tag: Introduced by JPEA in 1999 as a voluntary quality-control system, the tag is attached to temporary cultured pearl strands before export to indicate they have met minimum quality standards.

    quality factors: Characteristics of natural or cultured pearls used to establish their value.

    queen conch: Gastropod (Strombus gigas) that produces natural non-nacreous pearls known as conch pearls.

    queen?s necklace: Pearl necklace measuring 31.5 inches (80 cm).