• Glossary of Pearl Terms N

    Here is a list of pearl terms that might help you better understand this site and the discussions within the community forum. It is compiled from multiple sources and we believe it to be one of the most comprehensive lists available.

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    nabatee: Arabian term for sugar used to describe pearls from the Persian Gulf that had a slightly off-white, yellowish color.

    nacre: Aragonite and calcite platelets bound together by conchiolin that completely compose bivalve and abalone natural pearls, keshi, tissue-cultured freshwater pearls, and the coating on the nucleus of bead-cultured and bead-and-tissue-cultured pearls.

    nacreous: Composed of nacre.

    nacre thickness: Measured in whole and decimal fractions of millimeters, the depth of the nacre layer on the bead nucleus of bead-cultured and bead-and-tissue-cultured pearls. Not a consideration for natural and cultured pearls composed entirely of nacre (see).

    Nassau pearl: Historical term for conch pearl.

    National Federation of Pearl Cultivators? Cooperative Association (Zen Shin Ren): Japanese association that organizes hama-age auctions.

    National Pearl Research Laboratory: Established in 1952 in Mie Prefecture, Japan, with the intention of improving pearl culture technologies.

    natural pearl: Organic gem created in a mollusk without human intervention.

    Nautilus pearl: Natural pearl from Nautilus pompilius, extremely rare. Osmenda imitation pearls are often incorrectly called nautilus pearls.

    nimro: Historical Persian quality factor describing blister pearls.

    Nishikawa, Tokishi: Credited with Tatsuhei Mise (probably erroneously), with discovering the bead-and-tissue method of whole pearl culture.

    non-beaded cultured pearl: Cultured pearl grown without a bead nucleus.

    non-nacreous pearl: Natural pearl lacking a nacreous surface layer.

    non-nucleated cultured pearl: Cultured pearl grown without a bead nucleus.

    nucleus: Bead implanted in a host mollusk, most often with a tissue piece, to become the core of a cultured pearl.

    nuggets: Semi-round pearls that resemble gold nuggets.