• Pearls and Medicine

    Pearls Have Long Been Used In Medicine
    Pearls have been used for their medicinal value, since their earliest discovery by man. Interestingly enough, the modern pharmaceutical industry continues to use pearls in medicine. In particular, pearls that are of inferior quality and cannot be used in jewelry are ground into a fine powder and used to prepare high-quality pharmaceutical calcium.

    The Many Different Ways Pearls Have Been Used As Medicine
    From ancient China and India to medieval Europe and Arabia and in almost every culture in between pearls have been used for medicinal purposes, ranging from aphrodisiacs to cures for insanity. Pearls could simply be worn as jewelry for their curative powers, or they could be ground up and made into potions, balms, and salves used to treat a wide variety of ailments and conditions. One legend said that a pearl placed in the navel could cure stomach disorders!

    A Pearl For Whatever Ails You?
    The pearl's surface luster is critical. Luster measures the brilliance and reflectivity of a pearl. The more brilliant and mirror-like the surface of the pearl is, the higher its quality. A dull or chalky surface indicates an inferior pearl.

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