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05-08-2008, 05:21 AM
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  1. GemGeek
    Savannah the pear-shaped Ocicat!
  2. gravityalwayswins
    Ooooh! My husband really wants an ocelot or a lynx! They're so gorgeous! Savannah looks like she rules the roost. :-)
  3. GemGeek
    Savannah rules with an iron paw when it comes to sharing her Mom, which is my mother. Other than that, she's very sweet and incredibly beautiful.
  4. Ramona
    Wow. I have not looked at your albums in a while. I did not realize you had a Ocicat. I have the bengal twin. Both in looks (not yet so pear) and ruling her human.
  5. GemGeek
    Although the angle makes it more prominent, she definitely rocks the pear shape!
  6. Pearl Dreams
    What a gorgeous creature! Such a sweet face, too!
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