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  • Golden South Sea Pearl Bracelet - Jewelmer

    Golden South Sea Pearl Bracelet - Jewelmer

    Dazzling pearl jewelry is a hallmark of the Jewelmer pearl company and this gemstone-encrusted bracelet seen at the Couture show in Las Vegas was no exception.

    Happy Dreams, Pearl Lovers!
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  • Sea of Cortez Pearls Visit the 2014 Pearl Guide Ruckus

    Sea of Cortez Pearls Visit the 2014 Pearl Guide Ruckus

    The 2014 Pearl Guide Ruckus was recently held in Palos Verdes, California - a fun gathering of Pearl Guide friends with talks, edibles, libations, and plenty of pearls. Douglas McLaurin of Perlas Del Mar De Cortez, gave forum members a "heads-up" that he was bringing "friends" to the party.
    Also, not to be missed, an interview with Douglas by Ashley of Pure Pearls at

    Post by Douglas: I will bring a pair of friends over...many will hopefully want to me...
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  • Provoked Baroques

    Provoked Baroques

    Provoked Baroque, a term coined by Doug Fiske, aptly describes the newest type of Tahitian pearls. It is now possible to skip the long wait for large pearls that grow in later grafts, while keeping the color and luster that typify earlier, smaller pearls.

    Many of these pearls exhibit folds that make one think of the chocolate candies "Raisinettes", but these treats have baroque shell nuclei inside.

    The technique was published in "The Australian Gemmologist...
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  • Welcome To Pearl Guide News!

    Welcome To Pearl Guide News!

    Welcome! Pearls have long been a subject of fascination ? beautiful gems produced by living organisms, with or without the help of human intervention. In the early 20th century, cultivation of pearls brought regal beauty to the masses. More recently, improvements in techniques, advances in cross-breeding, and fervent experimentation have redefined our expectations of what a pearl should look like, and even be. The forum has been the home of lively discussion on every con...
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  • The State of Today's Cultured Pearls

    The State of Today's Cultured Pearls

    All perfectly spherical. All luminous. All highly lustrous.

    Two are Hanadama-grade akoya cultured pearl strands, and one is a solid-nacre freshwater cultured pearl strand. Surprised? The time has come for the best of freshwater cultured pearls to be recognized as reaching the same level as saltwater cultured pearls. Prices are rising in response to the vast improvement in freshwater quality, and freshwater pearls have something that saltwater pearls don?t ? endless variety. ...
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  • Adventures in Pearl Farming - The Unexpected

    Adventures in Pearl Farming - The Unexpected

    Douglas McLaurin of Perlas del Mar de Cortez pearl farm in Mexico will be a regular contributor with his column "Adventures in Pearl Farming".

    The Unexpected

    June and July are very special months here at our small pearl farm in the Gulf of California: the water is warm and inviting, the waters clear up and it is also the time to reap the harvest of pearls. After years of culturing, our precious little gems are ready to come out of their watery environment and into Li...
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  • Antique Pearl Jewelry that YOU Could Own

    Antique Pearl Jewelry that YOU Could Own

    Antique Jewelry Collector Paul Royse will be contributing a series of articles on learning about and acquiring antique pearl jewelry. This introduction is the first installment.

    Antique Pearl Jewelry that YOU Could Own Paul Royse Introduction Pearls are unique among the precious gemstones. They arrive from nature already perfectly formed, and display their amazing beauty without the need for any further faceting, polishing, or preparation. The natural beauty and perfec...
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  • Burmese Triple Threat

    Burmese Triple Threat

    The AGTA Tucson show is filled with fabulous gems that compete for attention, but this necklace stopped everyone in their tracks.

    Painstakingly collected for twelve years, starting in the 1960s, this triple strand necklace of natural-color pale pink cultured Burmese pearls is virtually priceless. Fran Mastoloni says ?The pink color was a little more prevalent in the early days of Burma. Lately, however, the colors are more champagne to cream.? ...
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  • Pearl Quality

    Measuring Pearl Quality

    Pearl quality and thus, the value of a pearl is measured according to a combination of several varied factors are: the type of pearl, the thickness of its nacre, its luster, the cleanliness and texture of its surface, its shape, its color, and its size. Because the pearl is a naturally occurring organic gemstone, created by living creatures, these factors can and do vary widely. Although all of them affect the ultimate value of a given pearl, some of the facto...
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  • Pearl Sizes

    Pearl Sizes

    Pearl Size Is Measured in Millimeters

    A pearl's size is measured according to its diameter in millimeters. Sizes range from 1 millimeter or less, in the case of very tiny pearls, to as much as 20 millimeters (more than 3/4") for large South Sea pearls.

    The Average Pearl Size Today is 7 Millimeters Most pearls sold today, however, are in the 7.0 to 7.5-millimeter range. Akoya pearls greater than 8 millimeters are considered extremely rare. (The largest pearl an akoya oy...
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  • A review: The History of Pearls in the Gulf of California, Mexico Part 3
    by CortezPearls

    It is at this particular crossroad that we find a Mexican-French Medical Doctor by the name of Gastón Vivès, attempting what very none had tried before: initiate a commercially viable, large-scale pearl oyster farm to produce shell and pearls. The Vivès family owned a pearl fishing armada in La Paz, Baja California Sur, and they were experiencing diminishing profits every year, thus wanting to revert this trend we find Gastón Vivès...
    05-08-2021, 05:20 PM
  • Cibjo webinar/discussion on origins of gemstones
    by CortezPearls
    Although it is not about PEARLS (but it may include them), some of you may find it interesting, so here is the information:

    The origin of a gemstone, namely the geographic location at which it was extracted from the earth, has for years posed substantial scientific challenges to the gemmologists who are called on to make definitive judgements.

    The current focus on supply chain integrity and traceability means that the concept of origin has expanded and is more relevant
    04-29-2021, 10:26 PM
  • Presents: Walk and Talk with Josh Humbert!
    by CortezPearls invited forum member & sustainable pearl farmer Josh Humbert of Kamoka Pearls fame to a "Walk and Talk" Zoom event this past Saturday 10th, 2021.

    Josh -and wife Celeste Brash- took some time from his busy schedule with the pearl seeding season at his farm in Ahe, French Polynesia, to share information about their 2021 pearl harvest (48% rounds, wow!), his farming operation, pearl characteristics of this year's harvest and much more!...
    04-08-2021, 11:55 PM
  • A review: The History of Pearls in the Gulf of California, Mexico PART 2
    by CortezPearls
    The arrival of the Iberian Conquerors

    The Native Nations had no real interest in establishing a commercial venture in pearl fishing and we understand little to nothing of the way they fished for pearls, since most of the information was either lost or destroyed during the conquest of Mexico. The rich plunder of the Conquistadores was sent to Spain and later dispersed all over Europe. The most significant information we have on the subject comes from the period of colonization of northwestern...
    04-05-2021, 03:26 PM
  • New Bi-Monthly Column: The Sustainability Corner
    by CortezPearls
    Hello dear Forum Members: With spring comes renewed energies and pulses, the recent system upgrade also allows me to start adding up content that we believe is necessary to keep the forum growing and renewed, making it the #1 Source for Pearl information on the World-Wide-Web for years to come. I had this idea of a column years ago, when I still published "The Sea of Cortez Peal Blog", which went "black" after a massive Russian hacker attack (the importance of updating your system...
    04-01-2021, 05:40 PM
  • JIV's April webinar spotlights industry's new movers and shakers
    by CortezPearls

    A new generation of jewellery and gemstone professionals, more diverse geographically and culturally from the generations that preceded it, is poised to transform the trade. This is in no small part because the composition of its members more precisely mirrors the consumers who both buy and aspire to buy fine jewellery products.

    What characterizes many in this peer group is that they are first generation jewellers, who chose to join the industry not through family legacy,...
    03-26-2021, 12:13 AM