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  • Opals and Pearls - Everything Old is New Again!

    Opals and Pearls - Everything Old is New Again!

    This remarkable opal ring comes from Hammerman Brothers of New York City. The pearl halo is reminiscent of the antique style of adorning jewels with pearls. I hope this is the beginning of a trend!

    Seen at the Last Vegas Couture Show, June 2016.

    See more at

    Blaire Beavers
    Managing Editor
    Pearl Guide News...
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  • Pearls Go to New Heights

    Pearls Go to New Heights

    Liza Urla takes pearls to new heights with her faux pearl headdress, seen in the press lounge at The JCK Las,Vegas show. Liza is the founder of, and blogger for, Gemologue.

    Visit the blog at

    Blaire Beavers
    Managing Editor
    Pearl Guide News...
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  • Revisiting Carved Pearls - Kojima Pearl

    Revisiting Carved Pearls - Kojima Pearl

    It wasn't so very long ago that carving of pearls was considered scandalous. Galatea's lovely gem nucleated pearls were, at first, as shocking as they were beautiful. The idea of stripping away nacre was definitely not mainstream then, and while it is still outside of the norm, it is no longer thought of as desecration. Consider these intricate Tahitian pearl carvings, usually only done to save flawed cultured pearls for tourist trinkets, but done in larger amounts during the downturn of the econ...
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  • These Earrings Make Me Hungry - little h!

    These Earrings Make Me Hungry - little h!

    Hisano Shepherd must be on a mission to design juicy jewelry, because I always crave fruit after seeing it - the most luscious jewelry on earth!

    These earrings are like melons, but the pearly cavities are filled with gems instead of seeds...

    little h jewelry can be seen at the JCK Design Center in Las Vegas starting June 3, 2016.

    You can see past articles here and here or go to the website Blaire Beavers Managing Edit...
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  • Variations on a Theme - Isabelle Langlois

    Variations on a Theme - Isabelle Langlois

    Isabelle Langlois has been featured here several times with her amazing Etoile de Mer collection. Today we go a bit monochromatic with a glorious white gold version of a lovely sea anemone ring.

    And dangling earrings to match!

    And just because I can, here is the smaller ring in yellow gold.

    You can see previous articles and Pearls of the Week

    Here, here and here. Visit the website to ...
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  • Darkly Glamorous with a Twist - Samira 13

    Darkly Glamorous with a Twist - Samira 13

    They say that Samira Sizdahkhani has an obsession with Tahitian pearls. Her admirers are grateful for the outward manifestation of her desire - seductive jewelry that ranges from dramatic to sexy, and even humorous.

    These pieces demand your attention.

    Pearl earrings bound in chains.

    A quintet of Tahitian pearl rings.

    The snakes that embrace these pearls are calling for temptation within their delicately encrusted earrings. ...
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  • The Delicate Treasures of Bernd Wolf

    The Delicate Treasures of Bernd Wolf

    At the JCK Las Vegas show, I became acquainted with the stunning jewelry of the Bernd Wolf jewelry company. Bernd Wolf, together with his wife, Yvonne Wolf, a jewelry designer, have created timeless collections that are extremely versatile. They are made of delicate pieces that gently make their presence known, or can add up to a bold statement. Pearls make a significant part of the collections, but lovely precision cut gems such as turquoise, coral and labradorite adorn a wide selection of jewelry....
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  • Fantasy Drops from Tara

    Fantasy Drops from Tara

    Seen at the AGTA Tucson Show, from Tara -- fabulous baroque freshwater cultured pearls that receive the treatment they deserve -- a frosting of colorful gems. Look at the incredible color on these pearls!

    The card says "Beauty Cultivated. Brilliance Captivated.", oh my!

    See their past Pearls of the Week here and here.

    Visit their website to see more Blaire Beavers Managing Editor Pearl Guide News...
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  • Set Your DVRs! Secret Life of Pearls with Paspaley on NatGeo

    Set Your DVRs! Secret Life of Pearls with Paspaley on NatGeo

    Tonight on NatGeo Wild at 10pm!

    Filmed along one of the wildest coastlines on the planet, this is the intriguing story behind the world's most exclusive marine gem: the South Sea pearl.

    Check it out here!

    You won't want to miss this!...
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  • A Picture is Worth a Thouand Words - Pearl Size Guide from Pure Pearls

    Sometimes something is too good not to share. The pearl size comparison guide from is simply outstanding. It should really help people who want to purchase pearls, but need a visual guide to understand what the size measurement really means.

    I recommend that you click HERE for the entire guide, but I will publish part of it here.

    Used with permission: The Ultimate Pearl Size Comparison Guide By Ashley McNamara for Pure Pearls "What size of pea...
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  • Sustainable Pearls - Links Section
    by CortezPearls
    This section will have articles to Sustainable Pearl Farming and other related news.

    "The Sustainable Corner" Series is here:

    1. Introduction
    2. Sustaining Life with Pearl Farming
    08-02-2021, 06:24 PM
  • VI. Common Mabe Pearl Varieties - Abalone Mabe
    by CortezPearls
    C. Abalone Mabe (Genus Haliotis)

    Abalone (or “Ear-shells” as they are sometimes referred) are not pearl oysters at all; they are, instead, an ancient group of marine “snails” known as Archaeogastropoda (Ancient belly-crawlers). Because they are snails, they move about their environment, living on rocks and grazing on brown seaweeds (kelp). Another interesting difference with pearl oysters is that these animals have a temperate water affinity: they prefer cold...
    07-21-2021, 12:23 AM
  • VI. Common Mabe Pearl Varieties - B. Mother-of-Pearl Oysters (genus Pinctada)
    by CortezPearls
    B. Mother-of-Pearl Oysters (genus Pinctada)

    Black Lip Pearl oysters (Pinctada margaritifera)

    Black lip pearl oysters are known mainly for their beautiful, dark, cultured pearls but they have also been used to produce Mabe pearls, although in not great numbers.

    Part of the production strategy for Mabe pearls in French Polynesia and Fiji is at the very last part of the pearl producing cycle:
    Cultured (loose) pearls are produced for up to three cycles (first,...
    07-21-2021, 12:14 AM
  • VI. Common Mabe Pearl Varieties - “Rainbow Lipped Pearl Oyster”
    by CortezPearls
    “Concha Nácar” or “Rainbow Lipped Pearl Oyster”

    This species of pearl oyster (Pteria sterna) has been used to produce both cultured loose pearls and Mabe pearls in Mexico. The first Mabe pearls were obtained back in 1994 and were the main product for the Guaymas based pearl farm until loose cultured pearls became more common (2002). Since 2010, “Cortez Mabe” have been produced in a steady number between 1 to 5-thousand pearls per year. There is an experimental Mabe pearl...
    07-21-2021, 12:06 AM
  • VI. Common Mabe Pearl Varieties - A. Winged Pearl Oysters (genus Pteria)
    by CortezPearls
    There are several varieties of commercially grown Mabe Pearls that can be found at jeweler’s displays or on online vendors, but many have become rare over the years. The three main sources for Mabe pearls today are:
    1. Winged Pearl oysters from genus Pteria, including the “original” Mabe-gai (Pteria penguin) and the “Rainbow-lip” pearl oyster (Pteria sterna).
    2. Mother-of-Pearl oysters from genus Pinctada, mainly from the larger Silver (Pinctada maxima) and Black (Pinctada margaritifera) lipped pearl
    07-20-2021, 11:59 PM
  • V. Processing Mabe or Natural Blisters
    by CortezPearls
    Since these pearls are not very useable in jewelry with the entire shell, they are processed: first they are cut from the shell, with the help of a handsaw, Dremel tool, core-drill or tile cutting saw. The type of tool will depend on availability and production volume, the first used mainly by occasional processing and the latter for commercial production.

    A lineup of the Mabe pearl process.

    Once the blister is separated from the shell, these are rinsed to remove grime,...
    07-20-2021, 11:44 PM