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Melo Melo Pearls

Melo Melo Pearls Defined

A melo melo pearl is a non-nacreous, natural calcareous concretion by the marine gastropod melo melo.

Melo Melo Pearls are Non-nacreous Concretions

The melo melo "pearl" does not come from an oyster or mollusk, but comes instead from the melo melo marine snail, which is found in the waters of the South China Sea, as far south and west to Singaport and Andaman Sea. Like conch pearls, the melo melo gem is not actually a nacreous pearl because it contains no nacre. It is created by a similar process, however, in response to a foreign substance that invades the snail's shell.

Melo Melo Pearls Are Usually Large And Round

Melo melo pearls are extremely large and generally very round. One of the largest discovered is nearly the size of a golf ball! The pearls' colors range from tan to dark brown, with orange being the most desirable color. Also like the conch pearl, the color is believed to be subject to fading over time.

Harvesting cultured pearls from the oyster
Melo Melo Pearls - Another Rare Natural Gem

Melo melo pearls are extremely rare. Although researchers are attempting to culture them, none have yet succeeded -- so all melo melo pearls are natural. Although these pearls have been known and collected in Asia for many years, they have only recently been introduced into the West.