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3rd Annual Weekend Ruckus.
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Debunking a Widely Held Japanese Myth
Historical Aspects on the Early Discovery of the Pearl Cultivating Technique
by C. Denis George, abstract by Anna Kerrigan
Is the entire history of cultured pearl production based on a lie?

The Pearl of Allah: The Facts the Fiction and the Fraud
The real history of The Pearl of Allah (aka Pearl of Lao Tzu)
by Caitlin Williams and Kathie Hodson
Is the story of Lao Tzu true? Has this pearl made a mockery of the US court system?

Innovation Continues in Chinese Freshwater Pearl Culture
CBSB "Fireball" Pearl Culture and the Return of the Biwa Pearly Mussel
by Jeremy Shepherd and Doug Fiske

The secret behind bead-nucleated freshwater pearls. It is happening and now we know how and where!

The JPEA Japanese Blue Tag Scam
What Does the Blue Tag of Quality Really Mean?
by Stephen Couch

Does the JPEA Blue Tag of Quality really stand for quality?

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