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Thread: original antique basra pearl necklace

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    the length of the necklace( only of pearl without measuring the clasps) is 46 mm.. total 59 pearls with a weight of 35 grams...shall try to upload more clear picture...btw can any1 suggest how to take good picture of pearl necklace...
    furthermore, i may add, that this has been certified to be pure natural basra pearl in mumbai...the certifcate is kept in safe custody and shall be uploaded soon...also, i have received a offer of 50000 us it fair price???????

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    Hello, this is exciting isn't it?!

    For instructions on taking pictures go to the upper left corner of this page, click FORUMS.
    Then go to OTHER STUFF, at the bottom of that page, click.
    Go to Taking pictures of pearl jewelry, click.

    Don't be discouraged if it takes a couple of tries to get the photos right, ok? You can do it!

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    If the description is accurate, 50k is probably high end, for a necklace with no diamonds, but if you can get it, take it.

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    We still need to match the certificate to the strand and examine the pearls much closer.

    $250-275 USD/Ct. is not unreasonable for a strand of well matched, high point naturals.

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    I am curious to know, what is the size of the largest pearl? You can get a good estimate just by using a ruler.

    I think $50,000 is a fair price from a dealer, if the payment is immediate and the transaction uncomplicated. (Complications could include export certificates, other customs paperwork, shipping hassles, paying taxes in another country, and so forth. Sometimes getting more money in another venue may not help you.)
    The Pearl of Great Price was not something farmed by Mikimoto

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    the total combined measurement of the eight largest pearls , situated at the centre of the necklace, is 67.4 mm. ( calculated by using a measuring scale). it is difficult to measure one pearl at a time.

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    the paper work is not at all involved as i am getting a buyer in mumbai itself.....also..the length of 8 largest pearls (all of about similar sizes) put together is 67.4 mm. for me measuring individual pearl is a tough task as accurate reading will not be possible without accurate tools

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    That is a great size -- wish I could find some like that!

    I think it is good you have a local buyer. From what I've seen there is more respect for natural pearls in India and the Middle East -- makes sense as these were centers of the pearling industry!
    The Pearl of Great Price was not something farmed by Mikimoto

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    Thank you for showing photos of your lovely natural pearl necklace. I hope you can show us close up photos before it is sold. Thanks in advance,


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    Dear BajoriRakesh,

    i have a similar necklace like yours(58 pieces) which is pure basra as i just showed it to one of the jewelers.
    but since i am not from mumbai but i have come here to sell this piece which laboratory should i get it certified?
    I went to one and they said that first i will have to get it in cotton string but is that the only way , i dont want to
    break the thread and also these jewelers are quoting very less price for it.(1-5 lacs) even after agreeing it is basra.

    And also most importantly can you please tell me the dealer you sold out your piece to and how was your experience?

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Shubham Agarwal

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    in continuation with my thread, i searched for the report but could not find the same. can someone provide me address and contact no. of labs in india who conducts testing of pearls. i called up GIA , mumbai but they said pearls are tested only in bangkok and usa, both beyond means to send.

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    Hello Rakeshji,
    If you are interested in selling the necklace we are interested. Please reply on Or Send us your contact no. We will call you.

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