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    Default Online finding sources... Make a list of who you use

    I've used:

    Who else do you like?

    Someone had pictures of beautiful floral vermeil findings that had copy right issues but the site listed wouldn't come up. ?? Where else can those be found?
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    I mainly use bella findings. I also shop locally at a jewelers' supply store called southeastern findings. They have an online store but they're in my town so I go in person. Rio grande might as well be retail, their prices are so high, ALTHO I have purchased an occasional thing or two because I couldn't find it anywhere else. I have used Fire Mountain to purchase french bullion.
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    I have bought some from Bella's and they have a great selection at good prices. However, their shipping is a bit pricey and quality is a mixed bag. I bought a stardust silver ball clasp and it was white with scaling. Other pieces have been great though.

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    Default has good basics, especially sterling, but no karat gold. I use Nina Designs and Rio Grande, too.


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    They are in the UK - good value, fantastic quality, next day delivery or collection. Fantastic company.

    For example, if you want silver wire, they have 149 different types - different shapes, sizes, softness, etc.

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    There is another thread on findings, worth a look as there may be more names there.
    I love reading some of the descriptions at BeadFX - they obviously have a good sense of humour over there And Stuller has nice things as gold items which a lot of bead stores aren't carrying now.
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