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Thread: Best Size for Freshwaters

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    Default Best Size for Freshwaters

    Admitting that fine pearls are getting harder to find the LARGER you want them, what size range allows for great quality easily?

    Let me rephrase: for example, I would not be too surprised to find 4-5mm pearls with nice water etc. A 12mm pearl looking as a magnified version of the little gorgeous ones would make quite a surprise! So, what's a good size to look for when size and quality need to be balanced?

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    In my area, 7-8mm. Great luster and water, nice roundness, blemish-free.

    Once the pearls step to 8-9mm, still possible but quite difficult. If the strands are blemish-free with great luster, roundness is compensated (off round). A perfectly round, blemish-free, nice luster and water would have to be assembled... cherry-picked pearl by pearl.
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    I agree, I'd say 8mm and smaller - just because they are soo common, the chance of a really nice one increases.
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    I have a strand that is 8- 9 mm (which by my measurement, really means 8 mm). First I had ordered the 7- 8 mm size (by my measurement, meaning 7 mm), but they just didn't seem to me to have much presence on me or somethuing. So I upgraded. I did not notice any lowering in quality, but there was a pretty large price increase.
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