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    pearlnovice Guest

    Question major pearl producing countries

    what are the major pearl producing countries?
    and may i also know their annual yield and value?
    because i haven't found anything about it on the web...

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    Zeide Erskine Guest

    Default Major pearl producing countries

    Hi Pearl Novice,

    How major does it have to be? Freshwater, saltwater, both, or either?


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    pearlnovice Guest


    i think up to the top 10 countries that produces saltwater pearls.

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    Zeide Erskine Guest

    Default Pearl producing countries

    Japan cultures in pinctada (fucata) martensii, pinctada shimizuensis (S.K. and R. Wada, 1953), pinctada chemnitzii (Philippi, 1849), pinctada margaritifera (L., 1758), pteria penguin (Röding, 1798), and pinctada maxima the latter three only in the Ryukus.

    China cultures in pinctada chemitzii (Philippi, 1849), pinctada atropurpurea, pinctada nigra, pinctada shimizuensis (S.K. and R. Wada, 1953), pinctada margaritifera (L., 1758), pinctada maxima (gold and silver), pteria penguin, plus several others that are still in the research stage.

    India, same as China.

    South Korea, pinctada chemnitzii (Philippi, 1849), haliotis discus, pteria penguin, pinctada nigra.

    Vietnam, same as South Korea.

    Mexico, pteria sterna, pinctada mazatlanica.

    French Polynesia, pinctada margaritifera (L., 1759), pteria sterna.

    New Zealand, haiolits iris, pinctada radiata.

    Australia, pinctada maxima, pinctada (fucata) martensii.

    U.S.A., pinctada margaritifera and pinctada radiata (so far mostly spat raising in Hawaii), haliotis rufens (mabé production in California).

    That's ten. Current production figures have to be patched together since some countries do not compile statistics on pearl production. In addition there are the Philippines with the golden lipped and some silver lipped pinctada maxima and some pinctada (fucata) martensii, Myanmar with pinctada maxima and pteria penguin (also in tissue nucleated), Thailand with pinctada radiata and pinctada maxima. I know that there is at least one farm in Russia that cultures tissue nucleated round pearls in haliotis kamtchatkana. And that are only the most obvious ones.


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    Hyun-Yoon Yoon Guest


    Hi! Zeide

    Your reply also becomes good information to me.

    Can you recommend the related books about Pearl-Shell Although I don't

    know whether the books are?


    Yoon in Pearl House

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    Zeide Erskine Guest

    Default Best pearl book

    Hi Yoon,

    The best book on the subject is:

    Author: Elisabeth Strack
    Title: Perlen
    ISBN: 3-00-008636-6
    Publisher: Rühle-Diebener-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
    Phone: +49 711 97667-0
    Fax: +49 711 97667-49

    It has now been translated into English and also gives some production figures. Please state clearly that you want the English version to avoid confusion. As far as the minutiae of pearl culturing are concerned, you find that in the thread everything you ever wanted to know about pearl culturing in the cultured pearls sub-forum. It has a clickable link to the probably most exhaustive study ever written on the subject of culturing marine pearls.


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    Hyun-Yoon Yoon Guest


    Hi! Zeide,

    Tks for the book information. I will contact on

    And I'd like to introduce the book.

    Author : Dr. Shohei Shirai

    Title : Pearls and Pearl Oysters of the world.

    ISBN :4-9900287-1-6

    Publisher : Marine Planning(In Japan)

    Tel : 0475-73-7348

    Fax : 0475-73-7349

    e-mail : none

    Dr. Shirai wrote several books on marine life.

    Japan book store did not sell the book, so I contacted the Publisher directly.

    I usually seek the shell through the above book to know which the pearls are

    belonged to.

    but there is sometimes to fail to find out the shell.

    It is published about 11 years ago.

    the book have two language : Japanese and English

    Yoon in Pearl House

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    pearlnovice Guest


    thanks for the info zeide.

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    cindyclark Guest

    Default Vietnam

    Does anyone know any sources in Vietnam? I am hearing about some good pearls coming out of the south, but no details.

    Cindy Clark
    Passion Pearls

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    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
    Sorry, I couldn't find any host named (#5.1.2)

    What do I do now?

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    Zeide Erskine Guest

    Default More Strack book

    Hi Caitlin,

    I heard the Strack book has become the new Harry Potter. The above contact e-mail is actually the one printed in the book. Jeremy posted a new contact for the publisher under the (misspelled) Strack book thread.


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    Here is the definitive answer.
    Dear Caitlin, the English edition of my book on pearls, named Pearls has come out three months ago. You can get it directly from the publisher, Rhle-Diebener-Verlag:

    Best regards, Elisabeth Strack.

    Elisabeth Strack
    Gemmologisches Institut Hamburg
    20354 Hamburg
    Tel. 040/352011
    Fax: 040/343419

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    Hyun-Yoon Yoon Guest


    Hi! Caitlin,

    I ordered the english book at air delivery two weeks ago.

    but not yet received it.

    As Zeide said already, it must be become the new Harry Porter.

    And Can you tell some information on the author?

    I first become to know the name : Elisabeth Strack.

    Does he or she write another pearl books?


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    Zeide Erskine Guest

    Default Elisabeth Strack


    Here is a link to some information on Elisabeth Strack


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    I got an email directly from them this AM.

    P.O.Box 70 04 50
    D-70574 Stuttgart
    Fon: ++49 (0)711 9 76 67 26
    Fax: ++49 (0)711 9 76 67 49