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    Hi, can anyone help.
    I am considering buying a 16" string of pink bangladesh pearls from a lady i know who imports them to the UK. they have a good sheen though some are quite marked and they are not totally even, though very beautiful. they are for my baby goddaughter as a christening present , something she can keep until she is old enough to wear and appreciate them. I am being offered them for £75 GBP (approx $130 USD) is this a reasonalbe price, and are pearls a suitable present for a baby girls christening from her godfather? any thoughts ideas , advice recieved with thanks!

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    There are a lot of factors that could make this a good purchase or a bad one. Do you know what size they are?
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    roughly around 6mm. with a silver clasp, not sure if this is real silver however. they were purchased at a market in Dakha. Also would they be a suitable gift for a baby girl ( no doubt her mother will steal them for the next 20 years but i thought they would be a nnice thing for her to grow up with)

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