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    Just once upon a time pearl jewelry: late 16 andlate 17 century pieces.

    The collar's model is quite familiar from 'round here, imagine that the type of gold and gem strip could have been either jewelry or embroidery taken to a whole different level. A few such garments survive...

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    CortezPearls Guest


    Incredible items...they belong in Museums. Very few items like those survived into this Century. In those times of turmoil (constant warring in Europe) many similar items were stolen or bargained (for lives) and ended up in the hands of men that did not appreciate their true value.

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    Satine De La Courcel Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by CortezPearls View Post
    ...they belong in Museums.
    Okay Indianna Jones... you are correct they do belong in museums. no doubt about that. they are georgous!!!!

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