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    Default Design Assistance Needed For Extraordinary Bicolour Natural Pearl

    What do the Forum members think I could do with this one, which weighs 14.68ct.


    And how to incorporate the pearl into a piece of jewellery?

    All advice much appreciated!
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    we would go for a penguin from the Fukushima zoo, or overbred panda with both of them you have a little more freedom then just plane old boring panda s and penguins, the last picture you could also see a fin from a way to white whale in there in that case the whale would be my favorite option

    the shape is just not that easy to work with or i just have a really weird mind ( most likely both )

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    The albino penguin popped into my head as well.

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    What are the measurements on this one? I have used a two tone keshi as a center pearl from which others dangle.

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    I would make a symbolic jewel with that one, on the theme : even the purest soul has its part of darkness.

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