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    Me too! So glad it was bumped. My grandmother had cameos, which I think my aunt now has. I must remember to view them again. Each one of those sculptural portraits has a great story attached to it

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    My Mom's cameos. My sister kept one and my brother kept one for his wife, but I got the rest of them.

    Mom bought carved shell cameos and Wedgwood in the swinging 60's in the Portobello Road Antiques Market in England. Everyone wanted Mod, but Mom loved the Regency and Victoriana. The top two are cameo habillé (the ladies are wearing real diamond jewelry.

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    A rustic scene (Rebecca at the well?) mounted in Pinchbeck. Pinchbeck is a form of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, mixed in proportions so that it closely resembles gold in appearance. It was invented in the 18th century by Christopher Pinchbeck, a London clockmaker.

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    It swivels to reveal Victorian hair work on the back under glass. The swivel pin is loose, so I don't think this is wearable since the center tends to fall out.

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    Amazing ! just amazing !

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    Cameo's are pretty.

    I have one my Mom gave me that her Aunt gave her so its old!

    Nice ornate early white gold so its about 1930's & could be handmade

    Lovely bow on top makes it extra special.

    The lady looks sort of greek or italian by the nose?

    Not sure if its marked may be on bale (its in the safe deposit box) & I never tested it but since its white gold...really think so I know it can't be before 20's,

    Seems to be a lighter pink shell? I think its a bit darker as that pics looks off color to me. I might try to color correct it frommemory.
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