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    Just seeing this now, thanks to Pattey's bump. Thanks P-D, this is an amazing reference!

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    Thanks SunSeeker.

    Another reason to be aware of volume is that the larger the pearls in a necklace or bracelet, the snugger they will fit around the neck or wrist.

    An 18" strand of 8mm pearls will fit looser than an 18" strand of 10mm pearls.

    A 7" bracelet that fits comfortably when the pearls are 9-10mm may be uncomfortably snug when the pearls are 10-11mm. It may be well to get the bracelet made a tad longer, depending on your own wrist.

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    One mm seems small & insignificant difference until I compared 9.1mm gold studs against 10.1 mm tahitian studs.

    I like 8 to 8.5mm for daily & anything over 10 mm for me would be huge

    8.3mm white to 9.2mm gold
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