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    Wow ... now that's lustre !!

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    MKG, what a remarkable strand! May I ask what grade are they? I've seen similar strand only once and it was a madama grade, but not Mikimoto.. is it their top range? I would definitely look for more occasion to splash them))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lugana View Post
    MKG, what a remarkable strand! May I ask what grade are they? I've seen similar strand only once and it was a madama grade, but not Mikimoto.. is it their top range? I would definitely look for more occasion to splash them))
    Hi Lugano,
    To be honest I am not sure what grade they are, I purchased them from a consignment/resale website.

    I've done a bit of sleuthing, and am fairly sure they are AA, due to the diamond clasp and stamping of 750 on the white gold clasp. However, I very much could be incorrect .

    I don't think I'm inclined to send them to Mikimoto for appraisal. I think they are beautiful, and that pretty much is all that matters my husband suggested having them appraised, but my point was "what then"? Would it change anything? Honestly not unless I wanted to sell them which I don't plan on.

    Thank you for your kind words

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katbran View Post
    Wow ... now that's lustre !!
    Thank you . Looking forward to talking pearls on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camelotshadow View Post
    Thank you! I've had fun talking with you on the other thread where I initially posted the pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camelotshadow View Post
    Nice! I thought my earring were A+ but the certificate says A Pinkish Silver...They were $390 which was not too bad for 7.5 to 8mm in 18K 1/22/ 2005.
    They are actually closer to 7.8mm
    They were the only ones with silver overtone in that size & price range. A is decent & much better than a average earring.

    7.5 mm is now $620...
    8mm is $680

    Price has almost doubled

    My graduated to 5.1 to 8.8mm strand with silver clasp appraised A+ on 1/22/2005 Cream with Silver for $2650 over a $1000 more than I paid but I did pay alot for a almost 50 year old strand. Luckily it turned out to be a really nice strand. Gosh that was a huge sum of money for me.
    These are SOOO pretty!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pearlo View Post
    bought these recently, and already posted both on this forum not so long ago. But i think both are very nice

    Attachment 35472
    Attachment 35473
    Attachment 35474
    Attachment 35475
    Attachment 35476
    Gorgeous! I am head over heels in love!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanippy View Post
    Gorgeous pearls, so lustrous!
    Thank you! I Love your wedding earrings.. they are so pretty! What a beautiful thing to have to remind you of your wedding day

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    Hi all- I am relatively new here and I am getting nothing done at home because I am reading everyone's threads and I am addicted to all of the incredible pictures! I'm glad I found this thread, as I have a few Mikimotos that I would like to share. A few were inherited, and most were ones that I bought myself either new, or at estate sales. In any case, I am not that good at taking pictures and just have an Android phone. I also find it slightly challenging to upload the pictures as I am a technophobe.
    That being said, my first pics are of Miki earrings and pendant set called "Ocean", I believe. They have newer versions out, but this is several years old. In addition to the pearls, there are ombre blue sapphires fading into white with a diamond accent on the earrings. The pendant has the ombre sapphires on one side with a row of diamonds on the other. I also tried to capture the maker's mark, even putting it under a magnifying glass, but hard to see in the photo ( also incredibly hard to see with my middle aged eyes AND glasses!Name:  thumbnail_20170909_203707.jpg
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    Ok, tried to get a better picture. Please forgive me, I am learning and you are my guinea pigs.! 18K white gold, the earrings have 8mm pearls and the pendant is a 7mm.Name:  thumbnail_20170909_211125.jpg
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    I know this is an older thread, but I'm hoping some are still subscribed.
    These are 18k YG with double diamonds. Pearls are ~7.5mm. Very Sweet earrings.

    Name:  thumbnail_20170909_213026.jpg
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    Last edited by 2thdktr; 09-10-2017 at 03:53 AM.

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    This Mikimoto bracelet was my first ever pearl purchase. I had turned 25 and I wanted to buy myself something special. I knew nothing about pearls, but walked into Bailey Banks and Biddle in downtown Boston ( no longer there) and I bought this beautiful double stranded pearl bracelet that I still wear today. It is over 30 years old and has been restrung a few times. I'm surprised I kept the little gold Mikimoto label and it has survived many moves. I didn't know enough to keep the box it came in. I wasn't interested in provenance at the time!
    The pearls are, according to the label, 6x5.5 and A+. A big thank you to Cathykeshi who gave me some lessons on how to post and attach pictures!

    Name:  thumbnail_20170909_215358.jpg
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    Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely pearls! I like the earrings in particular:

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    Beautiful pearls and great photos! I love all the pieces, most especially the Ocean set ... anything ombre sets my heart fluttering Happy to help in a tiny way with posting photos. I'm a much better photo flipper than I am a photo taker lol.


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