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    Thumbs up The Best Buyer for Pearl

    in this last few Years since USA and Europe in crisis, the best buyer for pearl is India and China.

    This 2 Country are the strongest buyer for pearl, China Take the High grade pearl, India take the lower and middle grade pearl.

    any quantity you offer, they will take, 5-10-25-50 kg they will buy, hope your buying power still strong till the future years.

    I Like to make transaction with them, since they are fast in transaction and experience in International pearl price.

    Good Luck to You All
    All the Best

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    of course the Indians buy the low grade pearls by the kilo's.. they coat them and sell them as AAA afterwards... Because of that, the quality of pearls coming from lombok has decreased drastically over the past years since the harvest is now done trough a shorter period.. it easier to sell low grades by the kilo and quicker than actual quality pearls...

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    I am note sure that you can sell low grade pearls you buy on KGs and sell them as AAA grade, No, No No, it is not logic
    their market wanted low quality, that is why they buy low grade.

    the pearls from Lombok will never be in Lombok, you can find the pearls in Hongkong, or some in Jakarta, last action in Lombok have all the pearls in gold color, 25kg high grade, ABC grade, i do not know if some company make short period in their farm. anyway just back to the topic INDIA and CHINA buyer

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    Hi Sinju,

    Sven of Augustus lives in Bali and sells pearls from Lombok. He is a long term member of PG and tend to know what he's talking about. Of course, we can all agree to disagree at times

    - Karin

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    Hi Karin, that is true, I stay in Lombok, every body know that he is long term in this group, we can see from his title, I just tell him and other member what i know, not from what i hear, i know i am new in this group, new in internet technology, but probably old in pearl. just kidding .... thanks all

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