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    Default Sea Magic by Mikimotot

    Has anyone heard of these? and what quality are they? They are labeled Sea magic by Mikimoto

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    Sea Magic is a line of Mikimoto pearls that are not of a quality able to carry the actual Mikimoto brand. There are 5 lines in total. They are as follows:
    Mikimoto (The high-quality line)
    Blue Lagoon
    Gordon's Classic collection (this line is only available in 'Gordon's Jewelers'.
    Sea Magic (available at a lot of chain-jewelry stores in malls).
    Zales Signature Collection (available in Zales Jewelry stores).

    The lines that are not Mikimoto are not bad-quality pearls, they are just definitely not high-end Mikimoto, and are usually quite inexpensive. Sea Magic line is a decent pearl, above commercial, but the nacre will not be as thick and the strands are sure to have higher inclusion ratios.
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    I would like to add that the all those lines are actually lines of 'Blue Lagoon, Mikimoto'. They are basically lines within that line. It is more or less just a way of branding them separately as far as I can see.
    From what I know of the pearls they are good pearls, but not 'very' good pearls. They are a good buy for people that want the 'name' Mikimoto, without the price tag. Still more expensive that similar 'un-branded' pearls, but without the price tag of true Mikimoto pearls.

    M. B.