I am a designer in the US and interested in finding new vendors to purchase from. I generally purchase semi round bouroque tahitain pearls with great luster 13 to 18mm in length and diameter. They all have perfect luster and very little imperfection to them. Nothing to really bat an eye at. I have been purchasing them for about $50.00 to $80.00 US and really need to find another vendor that can supply my needs. They are all loose with no drill holes. I can use half drilled if available.

I can be reached at guy@guylovin.com or by phone at 1 323 868 8456. Please note clearly what your message is about, I get alot of emails and I tend to delete anything that is not understood in the memo. Please leave a message with phone number. Please advise bussiness hours and location so that I can reach you at the most conveint time.