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    Default Where to buy white or off-white pearls?

    Good day!

    I have been reading here for some time now and just recently decided to become a member. Great forum, by the way!

    As for my question, I am contemplating to buy a white or an off-white south sea stud. I live in the Philippines so it would be practical for me to buy from Jewelmer as they do sell whites too, but Jewelmer is more known for the gold ones. Are their whites as good as that of Paspaley?

    As far as I know Paspaley does not have an office here in the Philippines, so I have not seen any of their pearls myself and pictures just does not cut it. I already have a gold stud and strand from Jewelmer, so I am after the white ones now. My hubby is telling me, perhaps it is also good to have something from Paspaley.

    I would really appreciate your insights. Thank you!

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    Yes, Jewelmer is known for their golds and that is what they produce. Whites come mainly from Australia and to some extent from Indonesia and more recently Burma. Paspaley does have an eBoutique if not a store in the Philippines.

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    Hi Quinone,

    We do have a wide range of white south sea pearl collections available for sale here at Jewelmer. Should you would like to schedule a private visit one of our retail ambassadors Laetitia Meriguet would gladly help you with your inquiry. Her mobile number is +639175540213. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any further inquires.

    Best Regards,

    Jacques Christophe Branellec
    Jacques Christophe Branellec
    Jewelmer International Corporation
    Email: [email]

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    Thank you both for the quick response and as usual great customer service from Mr. Branellec. I appreciate the referral very much.

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    Smile Natural White Pearl

    [QUOTE=Quinone;91149] might want to consider the pearl my friend is wanting to sell, it is ideal for pendant the length is 1 inch and height or thickness half inch approximately. It was found in Palawan Philippines. This is rare kind.

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