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    Default got these bad quality pearls

    I got this strand at a bead show in NY, they weren't expensive but every single one of them has imperfection, not one is even close to good. Anyhow, they are freshwater but not sure , would jewelry out of them sell at all or did I waste my money?
    I tried polishing them by filing the brownish part with nail filer but it didn't help too much. so for now stuck them in the water, but do people care too much or what do you suggest? I feel stuck in a way. They are about 12mm to 14mm big
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    forgot to mention they are light gray rather than what the image shows

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    They do not appeal to me, to be honest. But maybe if you could match 2 of the nicer ones you could make a pair of dangle earrings.

    Filing pearls, as you have discovered, does not improve the luster.

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    I'm not sure I understand. Did you select these yourself at a bead show?
    they are freshwater. It is impossible to predict if anyone else would want to buy these
    Filing pearls with a nail file is not a good idea as it will damage them rather than improve them and I'm not sure why you have put them in some water. Perhaps you could explain this

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    They are freshwater pearls, definitely bead quality. Those were dyed, probably because they were really ugly before dying or irradiating or whatever gets that silver black look. I think some of those pearls are quite interesting. Sometimes with the cheap pearls, it takes two or more strands to high grade. I'd say you have enough to do something with though. Like mixing it with labradorite beads or something. Good luck. If you didn't pay much, write it off as an education. I bought quite a few pearls that I was disappointed in- before I learned what to pick!

    How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

    My avatar is a Sea of Cortez mabe pearl. One of a pair of Mexican handmade earrings.

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    I washed them with soap and water, as I looked on how to take care of pearls said something about it.
    They were in a box of strands to look through and I grabbed few strands, didn't realize it wasn't a great quality as it was not well lit. May be if I pair it up with something and sell not for anything expensive.I filed because sometimes

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    oops, sometimes if you file you might find better nacre underneath

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    Oooooh, an experimentalist! It makes sense, you get something you're not in love with, and you don't mind being a 'mad scientist' with it! Been there, enjoyed it and I felt I learned a lot from it, if only in the sense that I felt less intimidated and more comfortable handling you learn what won't improve pearls on cheaper pearls, no harm no foul.

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    Hi, the size of pearl you wrote, length or width? there are so much blemish. why you brought them. put them into fish jar for appreciation.

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