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    Default What kind of pearl is this? It has a faint purple tint to it

    Can anyone tell me about this pearl? It is rather large with a very faint purple hue. It was passed to me from my grandmother and the hallmark says 14kt and 'MA'. Thanks

    It is stamped MA, not MB as I said earlier. sorry about that

    Here is a closer picture
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    I can't tell you anything, but I absolutely love it! I'd wear it all the time!!! The purplish cast would make me think Sea of Cortez, or pteria sterna, but that is statistically unlikely. Do you have any dates for the piece? Can you make some closer-ups? Maybe crop those more so the pearl gets bigger? Take more views? It really is a lovely piece!

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    I wonder if it's a Murrle Bennet & Co. ?They prolifically produced or reworked unique, once considered folk art pieces. You'll still find numerous pieces on eBay, but only some are have pearls.

    They fetch premium, but not high prices.

    Their hallmark was MB & Co., though.
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    gorgeous, what a treasure! pls, more pics, if possible.

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    I'd love to see a close-up. It looks to be a gorgeous pearl!
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    Unbleached akoya? Has that lovely metallic luster, though don't know if it would be too big...

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