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    Hi there,

    I am getting the trend of learning more about pearls... I would like to know the general sizes for for South sea pearls, tahitian pearls and fresh water pearls max mm?

    The reason is I am in the process of purchasing some pearls... the supplier claimed its pistachio pearls and it the strand is from 12 mm to 15mm near rounds to round!! sure does look this color yellowish green... but I am vary about it as I assume these type of pearls came from French Polynesia and pearl sizes are small from that region!??

    I wonder if these belongs to fresh water instead of pearls from French Polynesia?

    Going back to my original question.... what are typical sizes for Pistacio pearls from Tahiti?


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    Hello and welcome
    Tahitian pearls can be that that colour .... but for even fairly low quality you will be paying quite a price so for near round to round with a decent surface and lustre we are in the $ks department. When you are contemplating spending that sort of money it might be an idea to check out the veracity and reputation of the seller before parting with any money.
    Where are you?

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    Sera, I am certainly no expert, but if this will be an online purchase or you can otherwise post pics and/or the listing, you'd probably get some really good thoughts on it.

    Also, just a general thought, for what it's worth. For major purchases, I'd weigh seller reputation heavily. Also, I like to try them out myself on a small item first, whenever possible (whatever I'm buying). I feel like, especially with jewelry, their integrity is just everything. Good luck, lucky lady!

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    I too have recently falllen for tats and in the last 6 months have been buying smooth-skinned baroque tahitians singly in order to assemble my own 22" strand. As pistachio coloured pearls clash with the yellow in my skin tone, I've been buying a few just for a pop of colour in the multi-colour strand. At the rate I'm going (it's expensive, ouch, so it's slow), I think I'd be done with my strand sometime by Dec and I'd most definitely share it.

    To answer your question, what the last six months and plenty of scouring of PG and online venues has taught me is (assuming you are like me and covet large tahitians):
    14-17mm silver, dark-grey, dark green/ black - possible
    11-14mm silver, dark-grey, dark green/ black, metallic green (not pistachio), peacock - all possible
    9-11mm all the above mentioned colours and pistachio - possible

    It's dark now or I'd have gone to take a pic for you but my supplier claims pistachio doesn't commonly come in sizes above 11-12mm. Most are predominantly 9-11mm, Yes for metallic fly's wings green in the larger sizes but not the former. I think Sarah from Kojima Pearls and Jose at had a strand or two of some sweet petite pistachios. Josh's (Kamoka) dark green pearls with pink and silver overtone are out of this world and worth a look too.

    Good luck, and please do share the pictures of your spoils when you are done! Here's to our continuing education.

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    12mm-15mm strand of round pistachio is big. Pistachio is a hard to get color, atleast for me. The biggest I have been able to get is just under 13mm. But your pistachio definition may be different than mine. I would love to see the strand. Pistachio is my holy grail.

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    Pile up those Tats Adeline and take a photo! My lord I love Tahitians...

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    freshwater pearl size could also reach to 12mm-15mm.
    Edison freshwater pearl is as big as 21mm, max.

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