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    Question What is this hallmark?

    Hi, I purchased these akoya pearls in the 90s and gave them to my daughter on her wedding day. Now I'd like a new set for myself. This is a piceture of the back of the clasp, I can also upload a pic of the front if needed. the earring in the photo was something I also purchased at the same time, I believe it is of the same brand. Thanks!

    ps. I cannot upload from my ipad, but here is the photo in photobucket...

    added link to pic of front of clasp:

    thx so much for your help!
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    Hi, valleypeach, and welcome. Someone who recognizes that trademark may come along soon. If not, you could try searching at Trademarkia, a database of trademarks. Using the advanced search, you can limit your results to just jewelry. I took a look for your mark, but there were quite a few pages and I wasn't sure I even had the letters right. It should work better for you, since you have the piece right in front of you. Good luck and please let us know if you identify the maker.

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    Default AI = Assael International?

    Hi Bacca,
    Thanks so much for the link to the trademark database, it was a big help.
    from your response I gathered you were not sure of the letters in the circle, and neither am I. It could be AI, or it ccould be AL, although there is not much of a horizontal mark for the L, plus I did not find ANY trademarks for that.
    Under AI, the most intriqueing hit was Assael International, Inc. As in Salvadore Assael, apparental known as the King of Pearls, and originator of the Black Pearl. Also responsible for the new atrium at the GIA headquarters in Carlsbad. He died last year so I also found his obituary online...
    Anyway... Trouble is, that tradmark is an AI, in a circle, but the I is stylized atop the A, not next to it. The trademark was recorded in 1997, which could have been the year I bought these, or I possibly bought them in 95 or 96.
    Is it possible my strand has some early version of the AI hallmark?
    Or is it possible this is some sort of imposter? The pearls are truly beautiful and they are for sure akoya.

    It would be great if I could get a definitive answer... this has become quite a puzzle!
    Again thanks for pointing me toward the trademark database!

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    You're right, valleypeach, I wasn't sure of the letters. I thought they were AP.

    I hate to dash your hopes. The Assael trademark is so different from the one on your pearls that it's unlikely it's an earlier version of their current mark. Plus, according to the NY Times obituary, Assael was well into black Tahitian pearls by the late seventies.

    On the other hand, I doubt it's an imposter. Anyone who makes jewelry and uses a quality mark (e.g., 18K) is required to also use a marker's mark, or trademark. Many people or companies would use initials, so it's likely there are a number of trademarks that include the two letters.

    I found another, less convenient, resource for you. It's a book, American Jewelry Manufacturers. I wouldn't buy it to identify one piece, but I'd check my local library to see if it's available. It's also quite possible your manufacturer makes items other than pearl. You could ask your question in a forum devoted to all types of fine jewelry.

    Can you go back to the store where you bought the necklace to see if they still carry the brand? If not, your favorite jeweler may be able to provide something comparable (and may even have the reference book).

    Please do let us know when you solve the puzzle.
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    Just a note too, in case no one noticed, but the circle part of the trademark does not appear to be a complete circle...but rather and almost complete circle with an arrow head...maybe that could help narrow down or refine the search.

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