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Thread: PP metallic fwp

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    Default PP metallic fwp

    Here are pictures of my new double-strand of metallic fwp from Pearl Paradise. These are 7.0 mm - 7.5 mm. When I first opened the box I was a little disappointed since they are much smaller than the jawbreaker-sized pearls I acquired recently. But after wearing them a few times, I've really come to like the size, especially since they are very shiny! Like when Alex says that there is a glow coming out of the pearl box -- they are that shiny.

    I love that they are so shiny that they barely look like fwp, but for the classic range of fwp colors.

    Name:  Library - 6763.jpg
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Size:  14.5 KB Name:  Library - 6770.jpg
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    Name:  Library - 6742.jpg
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    And while I'm at it, I thought I'd add some pictures of the recently-finished necklaces of pearls I've posted about previously...

    Champagne colored Chinese bead-nucleated fwp
    Name:  Library - 6759.jpg
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Size:  11.4 KB

    Dyed silver Chinese fwp keshi (from Kojima)
    Name:  Library - 6754.jpg
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    Lavender Chinese fwp (from Kojima)
    Name:  Library - 6756.jpg
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    Natural Pearl Senior Pearl Expert Hanaleimom's Avatar
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    Hi Lulu,
    You have some nice acquisitions there. I like the PP double strand and Kojima's lavender very much. They all look great on you beautiful neck.

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    Perpetual Pearl Student Senior Pearl Expert lisa c's Avatar
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    Oh, it's so fabulous when they look like they've just come in out of the rain! Great photos, pretty girl!

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    Pearl Scholar Senior Pearl Expert pattye's Avatar
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    Gosh, Lulu, they all look fabulous on you! Hope you are getting lots of compliments! Can't say that I have a favorite. Now you have a different strand for every day of the week; pretty soon you'll have a different one for each day of the month!


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    First-graft Pearl Senior Guide Member
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    Wow. Every one of those necklaces is beautiful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattye View Post
    Now you have a different strand for every day of the week; pretty soon you'll have a different one for each day of the month!
    Lulu, they are lovely. You are a proud owner. Heed Pattye's words; it's a slippery slope into pearldom

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    Love the collection! I agree, they look great on you! I especially love the lavender chinese fwp from Kojima. Is that oval? How big is the size?

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    Thank you Linda, Pattye, Lisa and Cathy! I had no idea that Chinese fwp could be so beautiful and come in so many forms until I started lurking here. Now that I've started collecting, I'm having trouble saying "no". :-P

    For sheer wearability, I love the lavender "eggs" and the metallic double-strand. So versatile. I've strung and re-strung the huge Chinese kasumis I think two or three times already. Each time, the strand feels too loose even though I swear I've been pulling the knots taut between each pearl. I thought it was because I wasn't using a heavy enough thread so I went from 20 lb. PowerPro to 30 lb. PowerPro. This time it's a little better and it's not noticeable when I'm wearing it, but *I* know and it bothers me. So I'm going to try 40 lb. PowerPro next (which I usually reserve for my heavier gemstones). I'll do that as soon as I feel like getting cuts all over my hands again. Every time I use the heavier weight PowerPro my hands look like I've been thumbwrestling my cats.

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    Hi Perlinda, Thank you!

    The ovals are quite big. They are about 11 mm long by 9 mm, more or less. There is a little bit of variation on the strand and I've strung so that they're slightly graduated.

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    Thanks, Adeline! I already know the feeling of sliding down that slippery slope... It's scary when I tally up my wishlist and each day it gets a little bit longer...

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    No wonder the eggs look so big! I love them, they're stunning/eyecatching in that size without the hefty price of the round ones

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    First-graft Pearl Senior Guide Member Alex's Avatar
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    Hi Lulu - oh my goodness me - that's quite a selection - they look fanatstic

    favourites ? hmmmm..... well, 'shiny' has to figure, so the PP FWP metallics for sure....

    but I think 'jawbreaker' has to figure too, so maybe the Champagne colored Chinese bead-nucleated fwp !!

    sorry if those are the ones that are going to invlove the 40 lb. PowerPro, but thumbwrestling your cats sounds very cool - maybe you could wear gloves !!

    so glad you joined PG, and thanks for sharing the great photos

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    whew ! You certainly have a great collection started! And its far too late to worry about the slippery are already sliding down with the rest of us!

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    First-graft Pearl Senior Member Isabelle35's Avatar
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    Wow, great collection Lulu! Really like the metallic FW's. Enjoy and thanks for the neck pics!

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    First-graft Pearl
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    I really like the size of the metallic fwp from PP. I too would have thought that 7.0-7.5 mm would be too small, but they really good great on you. It's all about scale and proportion. Love your entire collection, great choices.

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