She wrote me a letter insisting she owns the pearl in the photo and that she had never looked at P-G when the photo was taken. Well, it may have come from another site that stole it, but you can lay one on top of the other for a perfect match, including the very unusual pattern of lights reflecting off it. That can't be duplicated. It is even the same size! The other "closeup" was also very tiny and it looks like a professional photo too.

So what is left is some lumpy pearls, the one kima, and the one drop at the top, hardly worth selling on their own website, unless they are beefed up with other perfect examples. Fay's intention was to get us to go to her website, and buy, not to share her grandfather's collection and get our feedback.

As i said, I wrote her about her first post and gave her a second chance. One of my favorite sayings is, "once is coincidence, twice is a pattern". And that is a saying that has steered me away from giving third chances.