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    Default What do I have.... How much is it worth? I who do i bring to

    Hello the other day me and my girlfriend went to eat at seafood restaurant. I found a pearl in my fried oysters. Just wanted to know how much it was worth what kind is it and who should I bring it to.
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    That is a very unusual find! However food oysters do not have nacreous pearls, but more like porcelain. That pearl is a special momento, but has no value other than personal. It is quite round. About how large is it? My guess is about 2-3mm.

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    When a pearl is cooked, it loses it's protein content and damages the original structure.

    As Caitlin mentioned, it's a nice keepsake but has no great value other than being a lucky find and a fun story.

    Sometimes these kind of finds can be used to replace lost stones in a ring, brooch or pendant.

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    As Caitlin says, nice memento, no commercial value. (Be glad you didn't break a tooth!)

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