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    Default Freshwater clam pearl found

    Found this little gem last night. Hard as a rock. I thought I had bit into a rock and spit out this little curiosity.
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    It's a great macro shot, excellent for a first time poster. Welcome to P-G.

    Nifty little pearl you have there. It has an interesting grey>gold>brown hue and a nice teardrop shape.

    Do you know what species this came from? Was it raw when you found it?

    I'll be headed to the farm and unable to respond for a few days, but would like to see a few more pics.

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    It looks like a Quahog ( Are you certain the clam was freshwater?

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    I would guess Quahog, too.

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    Here's another couple of shots.

    I don't know what type of clam it is. Whatever it is that they sell at the markets here in Taiwan.

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    Oh, and yes, Dave, it was raw originally but cooked before I bit into it.

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