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    Default ANGELINA JOLIE in Stunning Pearls!!!!!

    Okay, I need some help!! Angelina was seen in Germany wearing 11mm SS pearl earrings last week. This week she is wearing these other huge pearl earrings!

    WHAT SIZE DO YOU THINK THE LARGER ONES ARE???? I MUST HAVE THEM!!! Are they 15mm? Or 20mm? ??? Pretty please help!!!

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    They look to be around 15 mm. Those are some large pearls!

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    And expensive too, I might add.

    Interesting how they sit there low on the lobes. Probably leverbacks not studs, you all think?

    They do glow so beautifully; 15mm's are large enough not to get missed in all that gorgeous hair.

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    I think they're studs and that 1) the ear lobe holes are low and 2) that the pearls are so large on her ear lobes that they hang. I have small eat lobes and the hole positionns cause 10/11mm pearl studs to sag.

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