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    Default Need help with rondelle sizing

    I love this mikimoto design for a lariat necklace:

    I am getting a similarly sized Tahital strand and I might want to do something similar, but without the lariat--since I don't think I have the length. The pearls are 11mm, what size do you think these diamond rondelles are??? For stringing purposes, it the strand is around 17in strong with ball clasp now. How much length do you think those rondelles add to the necklace overall?
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    Hi est190 welcome to the forum, beautiful design and lucky you!

    I reckon they are ~4mm which is about 6 rondelles to the inch.

    So You have around 39 pearls in that 17 inch strand?

    Adding 37 rondelles of 4mm would lengthen a tad under 6 inches (assuming hidden or no Knots)

    BTW - would love to see a photo once you have made the strand up.


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    Agreed. They look like they are about 4 mm. If they are 3 mm, you are looking at just under four inches. The knots should be in the bead. At 4 mm is is going to be very close to five inches with 32 as shown in the photo. If they are 5 mm it will be about seven and a half.

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    Thanks guys, I guess if I go with 4 or 5mm, and keep the necklace at 17 inches, that might leave me enough extra length to take some pearls off the strand for a matching bracelet. Now I have to see if I can find rondelles that will work.