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    Default Natural Pearl (diamond & platinum) earclips - late Art Deco

    Just wished to share an exceptional pair of earclips I recently purchased from a rich family estate...
    Both pearls are natural saltwater pearls and 1st one measures 11.10mm in diameter and about 13.40mm high, while the other is 11.22mm in diameter and about 13.57mm high. The 120 round brilliant and baguette diamonds additionally add another estimated 8.48 carats to this overall beauty. I have not yet had enough time to crop the digital X-ray images to attach them below, but along with the normal photos you will view underneath, I am further sending a couple of other photos trying to visualize the UV light test (showing strong yellowish tint), the "bright light" test, as well as a 200x magnification of the surface. I'm not a professional photographer, so most images might be a little out of focus and some lighting and colors might not be very correct, but I am sure you will get a good idea of the pair. I will try adding the X-rays whenever I'm ready with them. Hope you enjoy...
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