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    Red face Pearl earrings (AAA Akoya vs Freshadama vs hanadama)

    Hi all , I am looking for a nice pair of pearl earrings for myself but after reading so many posts I have a few questions on mind . Hope you all can advice me

    1) may I know the durability of the above 3 kinds of pearls ?
    ( which one I can wear everyday and the condition will still be good years down the road)

    2) in term of the appearance of Freshadama vs hanadama vs AAA Akoya ? What is the different ?

    3) can anyone recommend me an online website which is reliable and the international shipping is cheap. I would like to buy from pearl paradise but their shipping is way too expensive

    Thank you !

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    Where are you? Hard to advise on shipping when you don't say
    All three pearls would give durablity for stud earrings since the pearl gets little friction wear, so long as you treat them properly
    Akoya pearls have a slightly sharper lustre than freshwater...ish. But there would be little difference in wear between any of the three unless your earrings were being viewed by a pearl expert.
    I'm assuming you mean white round pearl which case perhaps the shade of white is more important (broadly white white, pink white or silver white)

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    Hey there, Garnet. On the Pearl Paradise main page, if you scroll to the bottom, there's a link for some kind of "points." Click on it and it offers a code for a discount and free shipping. I assume that's for U.S. shipping but don't know for sure or know where you're at, either. So anyway, just if it helps...
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    Thanks for the advice . I am staying in Singapore. I saw few websites which have free international shipping.

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