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    Going back to the original eBay vendor, this listing for natural color golden South Sea are actually dyed freshwater.

    These are dyed freshwater too.

    I don't think they look anything like the real thing, but they are cheap. The vendor lied to you, however. Personally, I believe anyone in this business that lies is not someone anyone should do business with.

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    I looked into gold akoyas a while back (5 years ago) for another big b-day for my wife. At the time, the examples I saw were natural gold akoyas, but they looked tan or yellowish to my eye--not that really metallic gold you find on SS. The few truly nice looking gold akoyas I saw then were dyed--and the person who showed them to me at the time told me that most of the true "gold" akoyas are dyed. Pearl farming tech has certainly progressed since then, so if you're telling me that they are producing natural golds with that metallic gold look, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I checked your site and I see you have them listed. They do look pretty darn nice. I am going to do some search to see if I can find some "show me the pearls" shots of them (which I like more than the photo box shots).

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    personally i would never buy pearls from anyone who said the grade is AAA. but that is just me.

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    @Jeremy hmm we almost where going to buy 100Kg of those AAAAAAAAAAAAA Natural Genuine South Sea Pearls, but i just went trough and noticed the NATURAL deep Purple SOUTH SEA Pearls stunning... soooo lovely

    Well, nothing good coming out from china if it is South Sea and AAAAAAAAAAA unfortunately. This has been going on for so many years and eBay simple does nothing because they collect and not little in fees. If you look long enough, you can see many times they are using other sellers photos all over and over again, including us.

    A genuine strand in that quality ( AAAAA ) if available, would be something else!


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    hahahaha gotta love those AAAAAAAAAAAAA quality Natural Genuine South Sea Tahitian pearls

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