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    Default Full report about Tahitian Pearls, very interesting

    Hello, just want to let you know that a full report is available from the ISPF

    You can read the news translated to english at: Tahitian Pearls News

    Also "La maison de la Perle" is celebrating the closing event of the 50th anniversary and will have an expo in Tahiti, I will cover the event and post updates in the news. They also have a contest to win Tahitian pearls of course.

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    Thanks tp. Seems they used Google Translator. Also, the stats are for 2010. LOL
    Thanks anyway for the heads up!
    Josh Humbert
    Pearl farmer and Tahitian pearl farming consultant.

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    Hi Josh,

    We are a new player to the pearl farming business. Started out with a pilot project here in the Marshall Islands on Namdrik atoll. We still have small numbers but the potential is there based on the result of our first harvest, small as it may be but after a long delay due to local disputes, we are definately off to a good start. I wonder if we could get your insight on the hatchery versus spat collection. I am planning on ordering ready-made spat collectors from China (600 on each 200m rope), and also plan to bring in some oysters from our hatchery on the capital of Majuro atoll. Given the cost to deliver the spat collectors from China, I was wondering how many is considered a good start? The cost for each is around $355/line. Many thanks and hope to hear from you.

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