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    Default Anybody know anything about this company from the 1930s?

    Someone who is doing research for a book contacted me for information on the American Pearl & Bead Company. He's interested in any information on this company, specifically from 1937 to the mid 1940s. Any of you historians out there remember anything that might be useful to him?
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    The "American Pearl Company" is pretty well known but they started in the 50's not the 30's. I checked strack and there is no mention of "American Pearl & Bead Company" so I'm thinking the author might have his dates wrong.
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    The American Pearl Company is the one to write about. The LsTendresse family have made numerous contributions to pearls in many different ways. The other "Am Pearl", also began in the 50's but has contributed some really inaccurate info to the field. While they do well as sellers- to some degree, they have been known to borrow stuff from others w/o asking, their pearl scholarship is among the worst I have seen.

    Neither company bothers with "beads" except the ones inside the cultured pearls. AM Pearl Company cultivated American river fw pearls with nuclei- the other is a commercial company that doesn't have American river pearls in its sight and never did.

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