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    I just heard from one of my main suppliers in Japan (Day after the quake). I'll post his email here:

    I would like to thank all of those who have expressed their concern and
    attempted to confirm the situation here.
    Since I send this report to JPEA, their web site will be up dated soon.

    It has been reported on news this morning that the death toll across Japan
    has exceeded 1100, including those missing after the multiple earthquakes
    and tsunamis. We would like to inform you the situation concerning our industry,
    as we understand of this morning.

    Kobe and Ise: no damage reported.
    Tokyo: All public transportion stopped until late after midnight, & as of
    this morning not all has commenced service. This has disabled people to
    return to their homes, and families were having difficulty meeting each
    other. Offices in Tokyo had been hit with the quake, furnitures and office
    supplies are left scattered around the room. At this point of time, we have not received any injury or missing reports of our collegues and related personal.

    *We do anticipate that there may be delay in shipping of merchandise,
    due to the confusion caused by the earthquake.

    Cultivation areas: no major damages in initial reports
    *Shima region: minor damage to rafts by tsunami
    *Ehime: mostly OK
    *Nagasaki & Kumamoto: mostly OK

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    Thanks for the update Terry. It's good to hear some positive news for a change.
    Graduate Gemologist & Pearl Devotee

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    Thanks for hitting the bases, passing on information as comprehensive as possible.

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    It's nice to hear good news come from bad. Thank you for the report.

    Has anyone heard a report from the atolls?

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