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    Default Regall Abalone Shell & Sterling Silver Bracelet

    Hi all,

    This gorgeous bracelet I received on Friday and I adore it. I wore it for a couple of hours and felt like an Egyptian princess. Yes, I know time scale and abalone don't fit that feeling but when wearing this is how I actually felt.

    It is in a way I can't explain really special and what is more is really comfortable to wear. To much so as I could forget I am wearing it and fear damaging it because of that, but I truly love it. It does have a couple of tiny little bits of missing shell but they are hard to see and don't detract at all.

    I adore it and generally I keep my total admiration for natural pearls and gold but this somehow is really special. I will take better photos of it this week and the ones I have don't really do it justice which is probably why the price didn't go sky high on eBay. Paid enough but not a high price and once wearing, it gives the feeling that I would want it at any price. Duh, is that me saying that for shell and silver. Yep, it sure is. An artisan piece for sure. Just really gorgeous and special. I do think that some pieces are truly special regardless of materials they are made from. Instead of gold and Abalone pearls this is merely Sterling and Abalone shell but it is so very regal.

    Dawn - Bodecia
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    WOW! That is hugely special!

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    Beautiful piece of handmade Taxco silver--lovely, graceful and bold design! Congratulations on your find!


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    I too, love it. though I usually am uncomfortable with a huge bracelet and probably wouldn't wear it. Mexican jewelry is a study onto itself, and many, many pieces are still available at good prices including abalone shell, obsidian, turquoise and other stones. I must have 3-4 Abalone rings- make that 5-6 from vintage Mexican to modern manufacture. Actually 7-8 of them. I love the idea of abalone pearls, but abalone shell is really beautiful and not rare at all.

    Dawn, I would so love to see you post a thread with your antique pearl finds. You have so many of them! They re a real education and it is an area that has not been posted on enough at the forum.

    How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

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    I wouldn't normally jump for something big, but WOW, I just love it! Princess Bodecia!
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