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    Talking Size differences 7.5mm to a 8mm


    I am very new to this forum, however had enjoyed checking the site for quite sometime for all the wonderful information I have received from all the pearl experts here. I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful information I have gathered in my quest for the perfect Akoya necklace.

    My question is this, is there a significant difference between a 7.5mm to an 8mm in size? There is a big price difference and from reading the information here, I can see why. I just want to see if someone can point me in the right direction for possible real size pictures to show me visually what the differences are. We have a jeweler in town who sells the Sea Magic line by Mikimoto, (hope I spelled that right), and they sure look gorgeous, however, I have yet to go in and really look at them and find out there size. From what I am gathering from this forum, I should probably stay clear of the Sea Magic line.. Anywho, any information I can receive would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Hi there,
    I also have been looking at pearls in the 7.5 - 8 mm range and the next size up, 8 - 8.5 mm. To me, there is a noticeable difference in the sizes. Take a look at American Pearl's website. They have lots of good photos and there is a feature where you can see it on a model. But, the best thing to do is to go and try some on yourself. Bring a friend or your husband with you so that they can give you their honest reaction. So many factors come into play. How tall you are, how old you are, where will you wear these pearls (to work daily or just special occasions?). Also, will this be a strand you will want to wear for a decade or more, or will you want to "upgrade" in a few years to a larger size?

    The 7.5 - 8 mm size is a classic. Considered not too small, not too large. Generally for women 30 and up. The 8 - 8.5 mm size is a great size as well. (I loved it on me!) Generally for women 35 and up. But, trying them on is the best. You'll know what looks good on you.

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    Default Sizing


    Thank you for your advice. I tried on the 7.5mm and loved the size. I will most likely be very content with that and it is in a better price range for me.



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    The Pearl Outlet

    Default Size Difference

    Here is a picture showing relative size differences. Note that they do not appear to scale. The term relative is key here:

    In general, 1/2 mm difference in size is noticeable but it is not a large difference. A full mm is very noticeable.

    The price difference between 7.5mm and 8mm tends to be large, mainly because China does not produce many high quality 8mm pearls. Most still come from Japan in this size (this will change over the next 2 years). Thus, it is currently a supply and demand issue.

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    Post Pearl size chart

    Pearl Outlet,

    Thank you for posting a picture here for viewing pertaining to pearl size variations. I appreciate the time that you took to do this! Yep, the 7.5mm will do for now. Maybe I will invest later in the 8.5mm next...

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    Terry is right! The .5mm difference isn't that noticeable in one pearl but when you are talking about 50-60 pearls in a strand with a diameter of 7.5mm vs. 8mm, it is much more noticeable. Both the 7.5mm and 8mm size are very popular sizes as they can easily be worn with anything for any occasion whether it be to work, shopping, or a gala. Always by quality over size or if you can afford both, choose the strand that you think you will cherish the most! For my customers outside of our local area who are really concerned about size, I always recommend going to a local jeweler and trying on sizes to get a good feel for what works best for you.

    As for the age range rule, I really don't think that works anymore. Now that women are able to afford nicer things, the sky is the limit. It used to be a great tool, but now in modern day, it doesn't really hold up. There are many younger women who love wearing larger pearls so I think it just all depends on what you prefer.
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