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Jerin: Thanks for asking that. Also, silk that doesn't fray? 100% silk is 100% silk. The only difference I know of is how that silk is processed meaning if it's filament or pulled from the cocoon. Dyes affect how the silk behaves, but untreated silk should behave the same across the board. I'm curious to find out what this silk is. What size thread do you use Drea?

Knotty Panda,
The kind of thread I use is filament silk, I have dyed as well as undyed. I agree in that the dyed silk thread does behave differently than a silk thread that is untreated, and just a bit more finaky to work with.

All of my thread comes from my suppliers and none of which is labeled, so as far as size I'm not sure, I just know what works and doesn't work with my strands. I have many different spools here with different thicknesses, but none are labeled. Sorry I can't be more helpful!