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    During early 2006, new cultured freshwater pearl arrived from Sabah, Malaysia. I bought its only RM10 each. The colors are white, rose, purple and peach gold. All are semi-blister types. 12 to 15mm in diameter. The shapes are various; button, teardrop, and coin. Here the pictures (Hope you guys can help me to identify what species its came from.)
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    Zeide Erskine


    Hai Iskandar,

    The Sabah pearls are pearl or tissue nucleated maximas, i.e. marine, not freshwater. The pearl nucleated ones are typically nucleated with Chinese hyriopsis cumingii freshwater cultured button pearls, though.


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    Thanks for convincing me.
    I've got lot of its, so I cut the pearls into half and I'm supprise that what you've said is correct, Low quality South Sea nucleated with freshwater pearl. I've also contact Sabah Pearls Dealer,that its came from Kaya Pearls Farms.