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    Default Freshwater “Edison” Strand to go with my South Sea earrings.

    Hi everyone! I first posted with concern that my SSP earrings may not be authentic. I took them to my jeweler and they in fact are authentic 15mm+ set in white 14kt gold. I’m so happy!! I also posted that I wanted to find a SS pearl necklace. Several of you suggested the freshwater “Edison” pearls. I found a reputable jeweler who had a nice strand for sale & I took a chance. The price was perfect. The strand arrived today and I am THRILLED!! I think they look amazing. Tell me what you think.
    The necklace is Edison freshwater. A few of the pearls in the photo don’t look completely round. It’s just the photo. They are completely round. The earrings in the photo are SS pearls.

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    Looks like a wonderful choice; very complimentary together! Congratulations!


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    A wonderful alternative to SSP. Cultured Freshwater Pearls have come such a long way. Now we need to see a neck and ear shot of this set.
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    Congrats! I agree, neck shot please!

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    They look great !! Seriously no one will know the difference ! The white Edisons are very good now.

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    Here you go! Not a great picture. My old saggy neck. But I am so thrilled with the pearls. And even more happy I didn’t have to spend a fortune!!
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    You look very regal!!!

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    Wow! The SS earrings and Edison pearls look fabulous together.

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    Thank you! I am really pleased. I wasn’t even aware of “Edison” pearls until coming here to you wonderful people. I have wanted a strand of South Sea pearls and a pair of earrings for a long time. I have many other strands of Akoyas and smaller freshwater. But no SS. I found my earrings for a good price. But then promptly panicked, thinking they were not authentic, which brought me here. So I was prepared to fork out lots more money for a strand of South Sea pearls. But I ended up getting MY strand for about the same price as the earrings!!! YIPPY!!

    I’m sure a professional or a pro-pearl person could tell the difference looking at them. But I really don’t see that much difference. And certainly not the $1000’s of dollars difference in price it would have cost to get the South Sea pearls. Now I can go buy more stuff!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastiiffmom View Post
    ... Now I can go buy more stuff!!

    The best reason in the world to celebrate having gotten a bargain!!
    Enjoy those great new pearls!

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