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Thread: Pearl Chain

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    Quote Originally Posted by GemGeek View Post
    The first thing I noticed is that the clasp does not go with the necklace AT ALL! Otherwise, an interesting concept that deserves a one of a kind clasp to go with it.
    Hit the nail on the head!

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    I think the clasp was actually deliberately chosen. I think it is meant to tie the reinterpreted necklace back with the typical, humdrum pearl necklace. A more unusual clasp would distance it from the starting place.

    If I were to wear it, though, I know exactly what clasp I would want. Interlocking carved pearls, about 30-50% larger than the links.

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    It's the "humdrum" clasp that makes it look cheap. An interesting, diamond studded, interlocking loop clasp would have completely changed my impression of the necklace.

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    What BWeaves said. That clasp is a dud. I'd be afraid of the glue coming loose and then the chain needing to be repaired at best, lost at worst. Plus using high quality pearls means it's likely expensive. Same thing couldv'e been done with MOP for much less.

    I like those sorts of chains though, especially in bog oak or jet.
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