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    Most gold will tarnish, of course, the higher the karat, the less it will tarnish. It has to do with the alloys used in the gold. 24k gold wouldn't tarnish, but you also wouldn't use it in most jewelry applications.
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    Many vendors carry gemstone beads that can be mixed with pearls. If you have a bead store in your town perhaps that would be a good place to start. Shopping in person with the pearls you want to use in hand allows you to compare sizes and "looks" to see what pleases your eye. Some cities host Gem Faires, Bead Faires or Intergem, where vendors come several times a year to show their wares. Always a good place to shop and learn.

    Karat gold beads do work between pearls, imo. Also gold fill is a process where a specific percentage weight of gold is fused to the base metal, so only gold touches any other material. Findings, clasps and chains which are gold filled are considered to be long lasting products.

    Gold plated items are ones to avoid, as it is difficult to know how thick the plating is. These can tarnish and wear quickly.

    Sometimes the hole in the spacer is large enough slip the knot inside, giving you security. (See Catherine Cardellini's necklaces as modeled by Baby Nurse on the 365 days of pearls thread.)

    I've taken apart my pearl necklaces strung on waxed linen, to find black marks on the pearl and 22k solid gold beads. the problem seemed to be the wax itself, which wiped off the pearls, but the gold beads need a bath and gentle scrubbing before they were as good as new.


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    Also one thing to consider, many places that sell Kt gold beads will offer two is cheaper . You probably want the Heavy wall beads ( more expensive ) in a necklace as the pressure can dent them or squash them. They can be ok in earrings if just a bit of gold is needed and there isn't any pressure on them. ( be careful in wire wrapping them..doesn't take much to dent the top)

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    That sounds bad - but not as bad as actual damage.

    I think that putting the tiny rubber/silicon (whatever) stopper between the gold beads and the pearl would be a good idea, but I'm not crazy about how it will look. You can still see the stopper.

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