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    Excellent strategy 8mm - the colours are all so different on skin that its best to try on some colours. It is true that GSS can be hard to find in stores as they are quite expensive and frankly don't suit everyone the way that white pearls might. They are easy to find in stores in HK etc or in one of the big high ends Pearl company stores but you may have to search a bit. Also, companies can say that a particular pearl is a dark gold when in fact it's more of a medium gold. . so it's important to know what you are looking at and the true range of gold colour.

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    Also, I expect some dark gold pearls are darker/lighter than other dark gold pearls. (Where does "22k" end and "24k" begin?)

    In addition, darker gold color isn't necessarily the best for everyone.
    The best color is the one that flatters you.

    I think it's good to take your time and enjoy the hunt.

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