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Thread: Hong Kong

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    Quote Originally Posted by amti View Post
    I'm going to have to dig you up on facebook now!!!
    Sorry, It's under Michael David Rivers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
    Sorry, It's under Michael David Rivers
    Found you on fb and now enjoying your videos. . Thank you!
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    Mikey - I'm sure we will catch up next time So nice of you to take Brady around , I'm sure you guys had fun and it's great that he had a chance to see something a bit different. It's such a long way to go that it would have been a shame if he only saw Kowloon and the Exhibition centre ! Great videos !

    I didn't see Sarah either tho I was keeping an eye out for her . I've never had to opportunity to meet her and she seems like such a sweetie that I was sorry to miss the opportunity ! Next time Sarah!

    Thank you all for all the 'thank you's " ! I'll have to sort through the photos and see if I've missed anything interesting !
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