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    Thank you Marianne. I was very curious because buyers seemed impressed. Since I am learning-- is it the extreme baroqness? Or the luster? Thank you.

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    Having seen good Tahitians, those in your link are just really boring and ugly, sorry. They don't have any interesting colors. They are not shiny, they're dull. They have no overtones. They just look like little rocks instead of shiny, lustrous, pearls.

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    As BWeaves noted, seeing good pearls in person gives a person an education to help evaluate photos of pearls. The pearls in your link have a variety of unusual shapes, however, they lack luster, overtones and most likely have very uneven nacre levels. You can do much better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodluckkitty View Post
    I am brand new, but I have been eyeballing these on eBay. He seems to accept "Best offers" and if you look at the feedback it seems to be consistently good for the pearls.
    Many of us bought horrible pearls at the beginning of our pearl buying days. They sit unworn , were given away or even thrown away. The only reason anyone would give this buyer high praise for these pearls is the buyer doesn't know what good pearls look like.

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    One thing I will say about Tahitians, in general, you would be very hard pressed to find a full strand for such an inexpensive price. Set a reasonable budget for yourself, then start your search. You will be far better off saving and searching than buying an inexpensive strand. Quality and value over low price and sub par. Buy the very best that is within your budget, and if you cannot, then wait until you have the means to buy what you really really want. Just some advice from an old lady who has been around the block a few times.
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    I don't think they are so bad, but it's true that you may regret not waiting for better pearls. A good compromise is a pendant and earring set with better pearls until you can save for a strand.
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