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    Quote Originally Posted by Pearl Dreams View Post
    Okay, if it's marked 950 for platinum, that's good then.

    You are the one with the ring and the loupe. I'm only looking at a photo. Where is the post coming from on the setting? Isn't that a hole in the setting, under the point of the pearl?

    As far as changing out the pearl for another would have to fit the setting, but I don't see any reason why you couldn't do it.

    Bottom line: Do you love it? Or would you rather have the $500 to put toward another pearl ring? Don't forget the cost of replacing the pearl.
    I forgot to address this question. It has an X at the bottom of a setting and looks like there is a post that rises out of the middle of the X to the bottom of the pearl.

    You can kind of see it in this pic of the seller's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cicadalady View Post
    If you're not completely thrilled with it I would return it ASAP. I find that the longer I dither about returns the more I try to talk myself into things that I will later regret.
    You are right about that and I do it too. But I do love how it looks and of all the pearl rings I have looked at, that are the price I would spend, it is very pretty. I am just not up on pearls or whether they are any good. I love the setting.

    If I were going to spend a lot more on a pearl ring it would be like this.

    I do love this but the setting is too over the top for me! I do not Red Carpet ever.... So pretty!

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    Okay, thanks I see the X. Thanks for the photo!

    As long as the metal and stones check out, if you like the ring overall, then really it's just a matter of individual taste. And it's true that most SSP rings will cost more than that.

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    Thank you ever so much for all of your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cicadalady View Post
    If you're not completely thrilled with it I would return it ASAP. I find that the longer I dither about returns the more I try to talk myself into things that I will later regret.
    I agree completely. Especially with a ring; you don't want to have mixed feelings everytime you look at it.

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    Pearl paradise has a selection of high quality Burmese white south sea pearls in stock. I got my pink WSSP there. These are much less expensive to buy and you'd spend much less than the other eBay ring.
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    Those are beautiful! Thank you for posting those pics! I have contacted PP about replacing the pearl (eventually) and they are lovely to deal with. Once I have this setting checked out I can decide if it is worth it to keep and wear for now with a plan to replace later. Like we said earlier, I could not get a new setting like this in platinum for this price and it is in great condition. I know myself enough to realize that I would not pay big $ for a pearl ring setting. A project to replace the pearl sounds like something I could totally be excited about especially after seeing those!

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    Thanks to all who posted! I have decided after having the setting checked out to keep it. I love a good project and the pearl is still very pretty after wearing it around all day yesterday and today. I love the setting and it being platinum is a big deal to me. I love platinum and this is a heavy setting in excellent condition. I am sure Pearl Paradise will have some perfect beauties for me to pick from when the time comes. For now it is lovely as it is and it is a honking big pearl for me!

    Mostly the reason I asked is because I don't know much about pearls at all. Thank you all again.

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    So please you are happy with your ring. Enjoy!!!!!

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    I thought the setting was pretty too. Glad you have reached a decision and are happy with it. I'd wear the ring a few times to see if the ding bothers you or is really obvious. You may find that once you're ok with it, you may not notice it.

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