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    Question Hanadama Pearls - Surface Imperfection?

    I purchased a pair of 8.0-8.5mm Hanadama Pearl Stud Earrings from one of the widely trusted online vendors. The pearls look beautiful when I'm wearing them on my ears, and I am very impressed with the luster and orient. However, one of the pearls has an almost perfectly smooth surface, while the other has visible surface imperfections where the "mirror reflection" is noticeably distorted. I noticed the imperfection on that one pearl the moment I opened the box, before I even took them out to examine up close and under bright lights. The imperfection on that one pearl is even visible on the picture laminated in the Pearl Lab Certificate, so I know that's just how it came.

    Is it normal for Hanadama pearls to have such noticeable surface imperfections even when not examining up close? Or did I just get really lucky with the one that's almost perfect? I am thinking about ordering a pair from another online vendor to compare, but wanted to check on here and see all your thoughts first. I would like to keep them as they do look beautiful on my ears, but whenever I take them off I can see the imperfections and I just feel a little annoyed especially given how expensive they were.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I wonder if the pearl is one with especially thick nacre, which sometimes creates a slightly hammered look (which is not a flaw)?

    It would help if you could provide an in-focus close up photo of the pearl against a white background, without flash, so we knew what you were seeing.

    If you are not satisfied with it, however, contact the vendor and discuss it. Most trusted vendors have a good return policy.

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    I'd ask for an exchange

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    I agree. Just tell them you would like to exchange the earrings.
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    I've only ever seen my Hanadama strand, and none of those pearls have the imperfections you're talking about. They're all mirror smooth (certainly to the naked eye). Regardless of the "standard", were it me, if I didn't like them, I'd return them or exchange them. Explain your reasoning and they can maybe get you a replacement more inline with what you want. I'm sure if they're a reputable company, they would work with you.

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